You know that warm squishy feeling you get when you see a puppy, or when you see the tag on a Disney movie. It’s a good feeling, right? If you have a big event coming up, like a wedding day, what better way to take your mind off things then with a good show. No need for mediation, or counselling or yoga retreats. These entertaining and fulfilling series will take your stress away! Here is a list of extremely wonderful shows for you to watch, that will make you feel all the good stuff in your tummy.

  • Brooklyn 99

This is a bit of a favourite of mine. The joy it brings me when I watch it, is the reason I love comedy. The characters in this show are all unique, funny, and likeable. And I want to be their friend. Even though I would be a terrible cop, but I could do Gina’s job. One of my favourite things about this show, is the support the characters show each other. They truly believe in each other and cheer each other on. That is friendship goals. The type of friendship you want in a relationship.

  • New Amsterdam

This show does not get enough love, and that annoys the pants off of me. The empathy that oozes of the screen when this is on, is palpable, inspiring us all to do our best for other people. Also, I want Iggy to be my friend so much, that it hurts a little bit. It is so relatable to anyone in a relationship, especially newly-weds.

  • Parks and recreation

This is the show that Chris Pratt was in before he became a big star. So, straight ladies, gay men, and anyone who thinks he is delicious, form an orderly queue. Chris Pratt shouldn’t be the main reason you watch this. It’s fantastic, hilarious show, about friendship, perseverance, and accepting your quirks.

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

On paper this series doesn’t seem to be the most wholesome and cuddly show, considering it deals with a kidnapping and assault. However, this shows handles the issue of trauma in a tastefully humorous way, showing how Kimmy (The title character) overcomes and grabs life by the balls. The strength and perseverance she demonstrates are not unlike what you’ll need on your wedding day.

  • Anne of green gables

If you’ve heard of the popular book by the same name, you will know that this show belongs on this list. And it is a wonderful smile inducing series, that deals with bullies, why being different is wonderful, and why life is magical.

I don’t know if this expectation is realistic. But I’m fully imagining you guys, watching all these shows, with the creepy, Truth or Dare (2018) movie smiles, sipping glasses of smoothie or lemonade…those are the most wholesome drinks I could think of.

We hope these series keep you laughing and entertained while the days draw closer to your big day!