Is false fashion for you? Everything you have to bear in mind when maintaining all the hottest trends is, that never once were you in the designer’s thoughts when putting his / her creations together.

Just how many times have you cringed at styles of dresses, trousers, blouses or whatever knowing behind your mind how hideous you would look dressed up in what was created for the catwalk and yet you feel the necessity to keep these things because it’s popular.

Top designer labels do not come cheap and could be very expensive leaving you broke when you might have bought a garment for half the price but still look in the same way stunning. Maintaining fashion is all well and good but if you look stupid wearing something that wasn’t specifically created for you don’t use it. There may be nothing worse than walking into an area thinking you are god’s present because you paid a lot of money for what you are wearing, and then be made a mockery of.

When out shopping next; find a shop selling quality gear for half the price tag on what it could cost to clothe themselves in designer gear. You will find similar or duplicated designs to the latest craze generally in most stores and even in second-hand or charity shops. This is your very best option for picking up a bargain unless you have a lot of money. The great thing with charity shops their proceeds go to good causes, so as well as looking a million dollars in an outfit bought from such a shop you help the starving folks of the world. Visit:


Boob Tube: Uncomfortable with the new boob tube you purchased because your bare fleshed stomach is completely view but they are popular and you simply want one. This is easily sorted just narrow the gap down. Under, the breast where in fact the hem of the garment is, stitch or glue tassels, beads or pearls. This makes a great cover up and also adds your own uniqueness to it. One more thing with this notion is you get to choose the color of accessories you want to decorate the boob tube with –not needing to get by using what the designer who has never met or seen you thinks is best for you.

Belts do not decrease well with pleasantly plump girls. Well, they certainly however the big girl should exclude belts from her wardrobe because they are not complimentary for the girl with the top waistline. If belts are a must then why don’t we find an alternative solution idea. Make your own belly piece. Get leather strips (off cuts) these can be any colour or assorted shades, braid/plait them together then hang the twisted menagerie loosely (not tight) around the middle securing it so that it doesn’t slip right down to the ankles. (You might make a leather braided ankle strap to complement) Add glitter or glue sequins to the strips to spice the belt up. This will not only look effective but complement your size. Off-cuts are cheap so you could if wanting to hang beads coins or whatever from the belt you made, this will let everyone know you are in the area or get you noticed on the dance floor due to jingle and jangle.

Boots are in fashion but you cannot afford to buy them. Let’s be sneaky and clever to truly get you the nearest thing to boots. Buy closed in shoes then get a matching couple of the same colour as the shoe knee or ankle length socks and hey presto from a distance a set of boots, how good is the fact?

Above are two ideas of what you can do if you put your mind to it, rather than conclude with debt due to purchasing designer gear that no person reaches see because you emptied the lender account, and now can’t afford to venture out and show your brand-new outfit off.

In the fashion industry design and style changes every day, so you might be left with an extremely expensive dress left hanging in the wardrobe because it’s gone out of fashion

Forget about buying fashionable designer gear in the shops as those styles and design were not designed for you personally. That is disastrous for some girls attempting to wear clothes trending at that time. If you can escape with wearing the latest trends then you are one of the lucky ones, sadly not absolutely all girls are that fortunate.

False fashion is what it is. Your height, weight, type of skin was never considered by designers, unlike the rich and famous stars who always look good, that’s because these designers focus solely on what would suit or not suit every individual. How will be the girls of today expected to look as fabulous unless they find the same treatment? The one the one that can know what will suit you is you rather than some stranger who hasn’t set eyes you.

It makes sense to place your own fashion suggestions to use and in to the bargain cost-effective. Design your own label? Who knows maybe friends and family will want a piece of the action and a good way of earning money too. Top designers started this way.

Tip: check out your jewellery box for odd broken pieces or go to a charity shop to get bits like gold or silver chains pendants rings pearls beads brooches etc. These may be used to decorate a few of your already wardrobe content that is still in great condition but not as fashionable as they were in the past.

Search for scarves they make fabulous fashion accessories and colourful too for that drab outfit that requires that little something to create it off.

Make your own sparkly neck choker with glitter. Add studs within your own pattern. It’s your decision in regards to what and you skill to place your own mark on it.

Hats will have heads turning so consider one or two for the wardrobe to stand out and become noticed. You can include jewellery bits and colourful feathers to headwear and make them your own Read more

How many handmade cards include tiny bows and even more, save these and work with them. Add them to hair bands or stick those to shoes and boots. Gifts have a tendency to include some real eye-catching bits and bobs, so make these work for you. A lot can be carried out with silk flowers as well. It’s a cheap way to look good and fashionable… who needs fashion designers when you have you. To anyone attempting to save money and become fashionable all you need is imagination.